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A Gardener’s Job is Never Done

Armando de Armas is one sexy supposedly straight dude who’s doting wife has left him a note reminding him to pay the gardener when he wakes up. We’re just not sure that his plans for the gardener include the $100 bill she left on the kitchen counter. Sexy Brandon Jones is trimming the lush vegetation in the yard, struggling in the sweltering summer heat. Glistening as he is in the sun’s rays, Armando can’t seem to shake his horny appetite for the almost naked Brandon. Noticing Mr. de Armas in the doorway stroking himself, Brandon says hi. The studly Latino hunk invites Brandon in to cool off. Brandon simply can’t refuse. Seeing the cash lying there, he extends his hand asking if it’s for him. Armando confirms as Brandon stuff it in his pocket. Armando offers Brandon a bottle of cold water and chats with the bashful gardener. Armando admits to being hard and finding Brandon pretty hot. The feeling is mutual. Brandon’s concerned though that the wife might come back, but Mr. de Armas reassures him that they have plenty of time to get it on. They kiss and Armando starts to play with Brandon’s growing boner through his Bermuda shorts. Mr. de Armas keeps pushing things further as Brandon finally relents and releases his stiff cock from the confines of his work shorts. He’s in bliss as he gets one amazingly sensual blow job. Armando savors the hot uncut cock and juicy balls before him. You clearly don’t get the feeling this is his first time using his talented mouth and hands. Compliments keep coming as Brandon finally makes his way down on Mr. de Armas’s bone-hard uncut cock. The heat in the kitchen is rising quickly. While Brandon is on his knees, de Armas spits from above to lube up his gardener’s sweet butt hole. Our Latin stud then makes his way to Brandon’s ass and chews it out, spits on it and tongue teases it while slapping his boy’s firm butt. Brandon begs for more. Now’s the time for Mr. de Armas to shove his huge cock into his green-thumbed bottom boy. Leaning over the counter, Brandon is in pig heaven. His cock swings with every thrust that his client pushes his way. Armando’s wife is by now but a distant thought…. The two continue to make out as Brandon braces the counter top, leaving his ass hanging in midair, with Armando’s cock busting his hole even deeper. It’s now Brandon’s turn to tongue his client’s potent asshole. De Armas is squeaming as he shakes his ass in Brandon’s face pleading for more. As good of a top he is, he’s a perfect bottom as he succumbs to his deepest desires. Brandon rips right in from behind. De Armas is jacking his cock feverishly and, suddenly, explodes a huge load onto the counter top, moaning like a bitch in heat. Brandon, in turn, pulls out, ramps up, and shoots his own hot load, smothering his client’s butt cheeks with his spunk. As they bask in the post fuck glow, they kiss. And, Brandon says matter-of-factly, “I’ll see you same time next week!”