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Bonding with the New Player

Gabriel Clark plays competitive soccer and this week his team welcomed a new guy from Europe by the name of Mike Stallone. Today was practice day and the guys were having a great time working on their passing game. With the sun bearing down on them in the summer heat, the guys finished their practice and were pretty happy when Gabe sent them to the showers. Gabriel was alone with Mike when he started explaining his concept of team bonding. Gabe is proud of his team’s spirit. The guys look out for each other and care for one another like real bros do. This is the kind of “close” bond that he was intent on forging with Mike. As he explains all of this, Gabriel nonchalantly extends his hand onto Mike’s thigh and rubs it probably more than one would expect between teammates. Their eyes meet and their lips connect. It wasn’t before they passionately kissed that they moved on to some serious cock-sucking. So, Gabriel rises from the bench and opens up his shorts serving up his 8” uncut cock to Mike’s hungry mouth. As this was unfolding, Gabriel was already planning out his next move. After feeding Mike his cock and balls, he went for Mike’s shorts and got into a 69 position. Gabe then went to his knees and started giving his new player a succulent blow job. This made way to a good rim job and some serious finger fucking of his new teammate good, opening up the bearded dude’s wet and slippery hole, prepping it for a good fucking. After easing in smoothly, Gabe progressively became more assertive as Mike went from riding his coach’s stiff cock to getting pounded from behind. Then the guys switched it up so Mike was lying on his back and Gabriel was pumping him preacher style. Gabe had to pull out because he was ready to explode. His jizz went flying and covered Mike’s hand and cock. Then Mike started jerking off while playing with Gabe’s thick dick. As they kissed, Gabe started jacking off again and extended his cock to Mike’s lips. Not satisfied with just shooting one load, he then shoots another one, splashing Mike’s lips, bearded chin and chest in the process. Quickly, he shoved his hard dick into Mike’s hungry mouth, sucking the remaining drops of cum out of his horny coach. Finally, Gabe dives in for a kiss, tasting his own spunk along the way.