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My Best Friend’s Step Dad

When Kaleb Storm stops by Marko’s place to visit, Marko’s step dad, Colby Jansen, answers the door. He tells Kaleb that his step son isn’t there, but he can wait for him in his room. Kaleb accepts. As Marko’s buddy patiently waits, Colby arrives in the room and tells him that Marko won’t be arriving anytime soon. He’s carrying a couple of beers and offers one to Kaleb. Kaleb takes him up on the offer. Colby then sits next to him on Marko’s bed and starts chatting. Kaleb tells him that Marko is now doing well in school. It seems, according to Colby, that Marko had been struggling and not adjusting well when he started seeing his Mom. The conversion then moves away from Marko and his step dad quizzes Kaleb on girls. Kaleb is pretty forward in his response: He’s not into chicks. Colby feels a bit awkward. And, when Kaleb puts his hand on his knee, Colby’s stress level goes up a notch more. His wife’s away for a few weeks, yet, undeterred by the Colby’s resistance, Kaleb presses forward extending his lips to meet the step dad’s. This is when Kaleb reveals that he knew Marko wasn’t home. He had this all planned out! And, when they kiss, the father-like Colby pulls back, gets up and explains half-heartedly that he doesn’t feel comfortable. The boner in his pants appear to tell a different story and that story doesn’t go unnoticed, as Kaleb is sitting staring directly into Colby’s packed crotch. Colby stutters and finally caves in. His young seducer moves in and pulls the step dad’s cock out of his bursting jeans. Colby finally let’s Kaleb have his sucker. And, boy, can Kaleb ever suck a mean lollipop! Kaleb reveals himself to be quite the conniving daddy seducer. His mouth can compete with the best of cocksuckers. Then it’s Colby turn to show his young manipulator what he can do with his tongue. Kaleb is turning into quite the bossy young stud, asserting his alpha male status over the beefy step dad. While Colby is sucking, he does as he’s told and moves into position so Kaleb can rim his ass and prep him for a solid cock pounding. Once his butt hole is fully lubed and prepped, Kaleb pounces on it with his firry tool. The kid’s ripped body shines as he pounds the hell out of Colby’s ass. He’s one cocky fucker. He comes across as confident and sure of what he’s doing. And Colby takes quite a pounding. He gets it from behind, he sucks it, he straddles it and he even gets spoon fucked. There’s not much that Kaleb’s cock isn’t giving his older prey. Colby’s loving it! He starts jerking off while Kaleb is fucking him deep. Kaleb is getting close. And his cock finally sprays a load onto Coby’s cock and stomach. In turn, Colby is ramping up while Kaleb tongues his balls. Colby squirms and shoots his load. As they kiss, Colby quickly urges Kaleb to get cleaned up before Marko arrives…