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Party On – Part 2

It’s getting late but the party animals are still horny. Colby Jansen and Jack Hunter have sneaked off to have some fun in the bedroom and have left Dominic Pacifico, and his buddy, Casey Everett watching TV and drinking beer. Dominic is also hell bent on getting some action. He’s horny as shit and wants his dick sucked, and makes its oh so clear to Casey that the kid’s going to help him relieve some pressure. Casey offers very little resistance when Dominic, pulling him in with his arm, “forces” his buddy’s head into his lap. First they kiss, then they suck. This is how Dominic likes it. A little foreplay before casting his pole out. As Casey, frees Dominic’s cock from his shorts, he is faced with an imposingly fat curved cock to suck. He goes deep as his lips and throat engulf the beast. His slippery tongue and lips keep Dominic in a state of bone hard horniness, moaning for more. Casey squeezes his studly friend’s balls giving them a reddish tinge in the process. Dominic then turns the tables and take’s a shot at Casey’s stiff boner, lubing it up with plenty of spit and sucking it until it hits the far reaches of his throat. Casey starts to face fuck Dominic. He’s getting pretty cranked up as his buddy deep throats the huge rod with each plunge. Dominic is hungry for his studly friend’s ass and when Casey spins his butt into Dominic’s face, kneeling on all fours, he squirms and squeals as his sooth cheeks and butthole take a licking from Dom’s talented tongue. As Casey squeezes his hole open and shut, it sucks Dominic’s dripping spit like a vacuum. Then, his hole sucks in Dom’s finger. Dominic is prepping the kid’s ass for a good thrashing. His fat dick then just zeroes in on the boy’s hole and plunges deep into Casey’s dark abyss. Dominic gets really forceful as a quivering Casey pleads for more. With every thrust he takes, he moans and squeals, rendered speechless. The most he can say is “Fuck. Oh, fuck!” or “God!” But his face speaks volumes to wanting more. As Dominic slows down, pulls out and sits back, a randy Casey bolts towards Dominic, squats and shoves his butt hole over his partner’s waiting rock hard pole. He rides it like a jumping bunny, groaning upon every penetration, his stiff dick bopping up and down. Slowing down, they kiss and casually move into a preacher position with Dominic now bearing down on boytoy Casey. As he holds his sub boy’s legs up, firmly pumping in and out, sub boy Casey spews out his load. Dominic follows within seconds and drops a hefty wad of spunk, letting their respective loads mingle as they bask in a post fuck glow.