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Study Buddies

Alexander has asked Andrew over for help him with his school work. As they are sitting side-by-side on the living room sofa, Andrew comments on how well his buddy’s is doing and questions whether in fact he really needs tutoring. This is when Alex fesses up. He has an ulterior motive. In fact, he’s wanted to desperately get into Andrew’s pants for a while. Alex makes his intention know when he places his hand on Andrew’s thigh, looking speechless in his friend’s eyes. As they both look at each other, they instantly lock lips. Alex is not one to waste time as he promptly works his way into Andrew’s pants. And, once in, he actually gets his buddy out of them pretty quickly. As he does this, out pops one hell of a large 7.5“ piece of uncut meat. It takes a mean mouth to swallow such a thick stick and Alex is giving it his all. He’s doing a fine job as Andrew simply sits back and enjoys the sloppy blow job he’s getting. After a few minutes of Alex’s handy work, Andrew helps his cocksucker friend out of his clothes. Once that’s done, Alex spins around and offers his tight ass to the scruffy looking Andrew. Within seconds, Andrew’s cock is pumping deep inside his school buddy’s gut. Alex is taking the beer can sized cock like a trooper. At one point, he switches position while Andrew just keeps fucking. After taking it from behind, Alex then swings around and sits on that horse meat like a cowboy facing his headsman. Andrew’s cock disappears with each bounce Alex takes. Few words are spoken, but Alex’s talented cock-hungry asshole speaks volumes. No matter how big Andrew’s meat is, Alex just keeps taking it in deep. As Alex shifts around to lie on his back, Andrew’s rhythmic and relentless fucking has it desired effect. The guys are getting close. Their hearts are beating faster and they ramp up to unload in almost perfect sync. Within seconds, their loves juices mix and mingle all across Alex’s stomach and chest. The boy is covered in white spunk. As they both wind down, Andrew responds to Alex’s appreciative thank you with a “don’t hesitate to call me again” line… Ah tutors!