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The Internship - Part 4

Colby’s interviews for a new intern are going well. In typical Colby fashion, he’s done some up close and personal interviews. At this point he has he’s let go of Jackson Grant, his intern of the past two years and narrowed down his choices for a replacement intern to Brett Dylan or Drew Hill. Now he’s having to decide which of the two newbies it will be. As a successful athlete, Colby knows the virtue of healthy competition. He decides that he wants to see what these two young, innocent-looking but anxious bucks can do to each other. Both are nervously seated on the couch in front of Colby and the future boss has made it clear that this second interview will be along the same lines as their first. So, trading in jitters for friskiness, Drew and Brett answer the boss’ call and move in on each other. Side by side they kiss. Brett is first to make a move and gets into Drew’s shorts faster than you can say “You’re hired!” He’s gung-ho as he sucks his competitor’s fat cock and doesn’t let up. Then, Colby instructs them to switch positions. He eggs them on to see who’s more determined for the job. Drew is intent on not being upstaged. He wraps his lips around Brett’s cock and balls as he works them deep into his hungry mouth. With puppy dog eyes, he keeps licking and sucking his rival, which is working Colby into a frenzy. The boss orders them to strip down, only keeping their ties on. The boys stand before him and push & shove one another to see who’s going to draw favor and outperform his foe. They get into a stride, finally acting as one as they complement each other’s cock sucking abilities on a rather domineering future boss. Colby is stiff as a bar. He stands as both the kids worship his manhood. They don’t let up. In fact, they suck and lap so feverishly you’d think the end of the world is near. Colby then commands them to get on their knees, side-by-side, as he preps their sweet smooth butt cheeks with a classic Colby rim job. As he slaps them one after the other, the boys are squirming for more. Colby wonders aloud which one wants it more… He tongues, kisses and fingers the boy’s asshole’s, and they are loving it. While he’s slapping the shit out of them, the boys keep the rivalry to a fevered pitch. This is when Colby decides to fuck the boys, alternating between holes. This bossy employer then decides to lean back into his heavy leather chair. Not for long though. After instructing Brett to fuck his rival’s ass, he moves in giving it to Brett from behind. Colby is now fucking the one who’s fucking. All three move as one. Then comes the boss’ command to have Brett lie down while Dylan rides him. Once Brett’s dick is inside the other kid’s ass, Colby shoves his hard dick inside also. Dylan rides the both of them and within moments, he shoots a mile-high load. Jet after jet of spunk flies onto his foe’s chest, in his mouth and beyond reach. He then gets on his knees as both Brett and Colby, like book ends, stand and spew their loads onto the kid’s chest. Colby has finally decided. He’s hiring two interns this time around…